Homeopathic Remedies

Instructions for taking homeopathic remedies

There should be no aftertaste in your mouth on taking a homeopathic remedy. Thus, you should not eat or drink anything (besides water) at least fifteen minutes before or after taking the remedy. This also applies to smoking. Nor should there be any strong odor, e.g. perfume, incense, etc. present in the room you are in at the time.

Thus, it may be easiest to take the remedy in the morning before toothbrushing and breakfast. Avoid touching the remedy with your fingers. Use the remedy container cap instead, or some other means, to throw the pill onto the tongue. Allow the remedy to dissolve on your tongue. Wait at least ten minutes before ingesting anything.

Afterwards you may eat and drink as you normally do.

Remember to note down your reactions. This applies both to mental, emotional and physical reactions, either for better or worse. These reactions will be very valuable to your homeopath for determining your futher treatment.

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