Treatment of Chronic Illness

Consultation with a homeopath for treatment
of a chronic illness

This regards chronic illnesses such as:

For optimum results in treating a chronic illness, consultation with a homeopath should be done in person, as the information a homeopath will base his choice of remedy on includes the patient’s background, family history, previous illnesses, medical history, personality, preferences and, in particular, the patient’s idiosyncrasies.

With such information the homeopath obtains a complete picture on which to base the most suitable homeopathic remedy for the patient. After taking the remedy, most likely administered at the end of the consultation, the patient will normally be asked to return for a follow-up consultation in a month or two.

In our modern technological society, the use of an Internet facility such as Skype can be employed to carry out a personal consultation, although this is not so ideal as a consultation in person, since subliminal information may not be transmitted.

Moreover, in certain regions of the world Internet availability can be irregular, of poor quality or even absent.

You are therefore advised to consult your local information directories to find a successful practicing homeopath who has an office in your area.

However, with the current coronavirus pandemic, consulting a homeopath by Internet could be the most intelligent solution to avoid infection.

This said, you are invited to pay for a consultation below:

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Consultation price: USD 30