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How to Deal with Exposure to Radioactivity

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As usual in homeopathy, how you deal with radiation exposure will depend on the symptoms the patient has. The patientís vital force and amount of exposure to radiation will determine the outcome of the treatment. Below follow indications for a number of homeopathic remedies. Use 30C or 200C and see how the patient responds.

As usual, if there is a curative response, wait until there is a relapse before repeating the remedy, either the same or a higher potency.


Cadmium Sulphuricum (cadm-s)

Mental state: Horror of being alone and of work. Apprehension at the approach of someone. Anxiety before stool. Great irritability.

Physical state: Violent nausea. Nausea from anything touching the lips. Intense retching. Black vomit. Vomiting of mucus, green slime, blood. Great prostration. Wants small drinks of water, which are vomited right away. Burning and cutting stomach pain.


Cadmium Iodatum (cadm-i)

If the patient did not protect the thyroid with crude doses of Potassium Iodide. Cadmium Iodatum is a great gland remedy: cervical glands, tonsils, thyroid, mammary glands, lymphatic system, testicles, ovaries.

Mental state: Hates everything and everybody. Lots of self-pity.

Physical state: Bloated abdomen. Itching anus and rectum only during the day. Constipation. Frequent desire to stool.


Calendula cream (calen)

An important remedy for skin conditions such as rashes and ulcers.


Ceanothus (cean)

Ceanothus is an excellent spleen remedy and as radiation can affect the spleen, it is included here.

Mental state: Low-spirited, does not care about anything.

Physical state: Chilly with no appetite. Enlarged spleen.


Radium Bromatum (rad-br)

Mental state: Wants to be with people. Afraid of being alone in the dark. Tired and irritable.

Physical state: Red skin with itching, burning as if on fire and swelling. Skin ulcers.


Sol (sol)

Mental state: Anxiety and anxiousness in all nerves, passing from heart to stomach. Frightened at the approach of someone.

Physical state: Inclination to vomit. Headache. Dermatitis.


Uranium Nitricum (uran-n)

Mental state: In a bad mood all day.

Physical state: Does not feel well all day. Abnormally thin due to a gradual wasting away of flesh. Accumulation of fluid in body, edema.


X-ray (x-ray)

Mental state: Sadness and aversion to company. Desire to kill, especially before and during the period.

Physical state: Radiation dermatitis. Chronic itching skin eruptions, painful cracks. Warty growths. Nails thicken.